Nunawading and District Lapidary Club

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While Lapidary Clubs all have the same general objectives, each has its own style. This page gives a broad outline of the activities of this Club. The best  way to decide whether this Club (and the Crafts involved) would be of interest to you is to come and see for yourself. You are welcome at any of our meetings, or at the workshop sessions, to talk to members and see some of the work in action.

To bring together those interested in collecting gems, minerals and fossils.
To promote the exchange of knowledge in gem cutting, jewellery making, enamelling, minerals and fossils.
To provide facilities and training courses to enable members to improve their skills in Lapidary and allied crafts.
To promote and foster the formation of group activities within the Club.
To provide appropriate social activities for members.
To maintain a regard for and an active interest in preservation of wildlife, natural reserves and fossicking areas.
To promote the spirit of competition in the Club, in Victoria and in other States.

The Club meets in the Clubrooms at 8.00 p.m. on second Wednesday each month (except January).  The object is for members to meet and talk together, and for news items and information to be discussed.  Lectures or demonstrations are arranged for most nights.  These are provided by members or guest speakers.

An active sub-committee handles social activities.  These include film shows, BBQ’s, card nights, pokie trips, coffee mornings etc.

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Field Trips are held monthly over the warmer months.

Nomination Forms setting out the appropriate fees can be obtained by contacting us.   We look forward to having you join us in this rewarding hobby. 

The Club has its own well-equipped workshop, located in Nunawading Community Hub, 96 to 106 Springvale road, Nunawading. Apart from the meeting room, separate rooms are available for Cabochon cutting, Faceting and Jewellery making (including Enamelling).


  • *9.00 a.m. ‑ 3.00 p.m.    
  • *7.00 p.m. ‑ 10.00 p.m.


  • *9.00 a.m. ‑ 3.00 p.m.         
  • *7.00 p.m. ‑ 10.00 p.m.


  • Normally open only for meetings and special functions.


  • *9. 00 a.m. ‑ 3.00 p.m.       
  • *7.00 p.m. ‑ 10.00 p.m.


  • 9.00 a.m. ‑ 3.00 p.m.          
  • 7.00 p.m. ‑ 10.00 p.m.


  • *1.30 p.m. ‑ 4.00 p.m. Supervised Junior sessions


  • Special functions, monthly facet group meeting, courses or workshops.

NOTE:  Cabochon and Jewellery courses on Tuesday and Friday evening take preference, so please phone the Clubrooms to be sure.
        *Duty Officers are rostered only for sessions marked (*time). The rooms may not always be open at the other times, so please phone the rooms to make sure that someone is there.

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Instruction course are provided for members in Faceting, Silversmithing (including Casting and Jewellery making), Cabochon cutting and Enamelling.

Two active sub-groups meet regularly at the Clubrooms to exchange information, discuss mutual problems and enjoy an informal learning experience.  All welcome.
Mineral Sub-Group  Held at 8.00pm on 3rd Wednesday each month.
Faceting Sub-Group Held at 10.30am on 1st Sunday each month.

To provide members with the stimulus of competition and the opportunity to obtain useful feedback from qualified Judges, a variety of competitions is held within the Club.  These cover many areas of the craft, and can be of great value in improving cutting skills.  External competitions are also available to interested members.

The Club magazine, GEMFORM, is distributed to members every two months.  It contains information on Club activities and articles of general interest.  It is printed on the Club’s own printing equipment.

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Clubroom Display Cabinet

Clubroom Cabochon Display

Clubroom Mineral Display

Cabochon Room

Faceting Room

Jewellery Room

Wavellite, Moculta SA. (NDLC member collection GJ)

A note about the images on this site. Most of the shots are from club members. However some images are reproduced with thanks from:

  • The Museum of Victoria. Minerals purchased with funds provided by the Victorian Gem Clubs Association (VGCA)
  • The Smithsonian Institute Mineral Collection

These images are subject to copyright and should not be reproduced without the permission of the owners. Links to these groups can be found on our Links page